4 years old, riding at Lovelane for 2 years

Ollie was just two years old when he started riding at Lovelane. He was navigating his pediatric walker for mobility and experiencing low muscle tone and a weak core that is typically found in children with Down Syndrome. He also had fine motor, cognitive, and speech difficulties. At Lovelane, with the help of the horses and his volunteers, Ollie’s instructor, Debby, focused on strengthening his core through physical exercises, and integrating speech therapy through song and sign language. Then, at age four, Ollie said his first sentence while at Lovelane, “I want more fast please!” Now, with a growing number of words and signs, Ollie can express what he wants, ask for what he needs, and communicate at home. Since beginning his weekly therapeutic riding sessions at Lovelane, Ollie has become stronger physically, more socially-engaged, and aware of his abilities—expanding his world of possibilities. Ollie’s confidence has increased dramatically; he is determined to succeed. His motivation has led him to walk independently, tackle the stairs in his house, and climb the slide at the park. There’s no stopping him now!