Lovelane gave Zach a sanctuary.

The team at Lovelane made is possible for him to ride as often as possible.

Our son Zach was born with social and emotional challenges that left him trailing his peers in countless parts of his life. He struggled to make friends and required significant academic help in school. Zach was not interested in typical youth sports like many of his peers, which made him feel isolated early on in life.

When Zach began attending a therapeutic boarding school, he instantly fell in love with horses and riding. Horses gave him confidence, strength, and a sense of accomplishment. Riding a horse, Zach felt empowered.

In January 2021, at age 15, Zach was diagnosed with metastatic osteosarcoma, a horribly aggressive form of bone cancer, and his left leg had to be amputated above his knee. We did not think he would ever ride again.

We were fortunate to connect with the team at Lovelane, and they were immediately committed to getting Zach back in the saddle. To be able to ride Spike and show the Lovelane team his riding skills and share his horse knowledge gave him—and us—such joy and pride. Each lesson at Lovelane was a moment of respite from his pain and sickness.

Lovelane gave Zach a sanctuary, and the team at Lovelane made it possible for him to ride as often as possible. Zach passed away from cancer on November 5, 2021, at the age of 16.

Many children and their families rely on Lovelane, not only for the weekly therapeutic riding, but also for the pure joy it brings them. We want to support their journeys. We are offering a match of $10,000. We want to double the impact of your contribution so that other children can find the same joy that Zach found at Lovelane. Will you join us?

Thank you, John and Jenn Wall

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