Meet Dillon

“At Lovelane Dillon is seen for the boy he is—joyful, funny, and kind—not the syndrome that he struggles with. Each time he steps into the ring, he is surrounded by love, understanding and experience. For him and for our family, in those precious moments, the challenges dissolve and there is only potential.” - Nicky and Todd, Dillon's parents

When Dillon was one, he was diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome, a rare, catastrophic form of epilepsy. This syndrome involves not only long-term complicated management of his seizures but has also resulted in global developmental delays.
Dillon is a sweet, hardworking, charismatic boy who was referred to Lovelane by his neurologist with the goal of supporting him and unlocking his full potential.
When astride a moving horse, he receives the gross motor stimulation that he desperately needs. The caring team of instructors and volunteers engage with Dillon through speech, sign language and playful age-appropriate activities as they work on his gait, core strength, motor, and communication skills. All the while, the ring is filled with laughter, singing, clapping and squeals of joy.
His family views Lovelane as a refuge of support and love. Riding at Lovelane has become Dillon’s favorite activity every week and has transformed his life. They have seen his confidence blossom with each gain he makes and the deepening connections with the volunteers and horses.
For a child who struggles with maintaining attention to a task, it has been an oasis of calm, where he is focused and present.
As parents, Nicky and Todd’s greatest wish is to see 5-year-old Dillon thrive—find his strength, his joy and his passions. Lovelane has provided them a glimpse into these possibilities and more.

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