Danielle defended fiercely against her disability. She looked on as her peers participated in sports that she did not have the skills to join. Horseback riding became Danielle’s superpower.

Our beautiful daughter, Danielle, was born with an unspecified brain injury. We watched with bewilderment as she struggled to keep up with her peers. She had difficulty controlling her body. She would collapse to the floor without warning or run without stopping until she hit a wall.
Danielle’s first lesson at Lovelane, almost 30 years ago, was a poignant one. We watched through tears as our child sat upright on a horse, controlling its movement when she could hardly control her own. It was magic.
Danielle soon owned horseback riding as her sport, and it became something that she could teach others about. Supported by her Lovelane instructor, Danielle went on to become a gold medal recipient in the Special Olympics!
Beyond the lessons, Lovelane has provided Danielle with a loving and inclusive community that has bolstered her confidence and her capabilities. Lovelane has been part of our family for so many years now. We have been the grateful recipients of the Tuition Assistance Program, without which her continued participation would not have been possible.
The work being done at Lovelane has been invaluable to Danielle and to countless other children and young adults. We humbly and gratefully ask you to consider supporting Lovelane so this unique and comprehensive program remains possible for children regardless of their family’s financial means.
— Toni Dubeau and Raymond Levesque, Danielle’s parents

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